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Barbara   Adams
Early Intervention Associate
860-434-4800  Ext:104
Email Barbara Adams
Michelle  Ahlcrona
Speech Pathologist
(860)434-4800 ext. 184
Email Michelle Ahlcrona
Mr. Anderson  Benitez
Database Technician
Email Mr. Benitez
Liz  Binger
(860)434-4800  Ext:121
Email Liz Binger
Ms. Sally  Bondy
Magnet Coordinator of Data and Reporting
860-434-4800 ext.155
Email Ms. Bondy
Cathy  Bradanini
PD - Secretary
(860)434-4800 ext. 352
Email Cathy Bradanini
Scott  Brown
Coordinator, Regular Education Initiatives
860-434-4800 ext. 176
Email Scott Brown
Karen  Cannady-Fand
Food Service Manager
(860)434-4800 ext. 110
Email Karen Cannady-Fand
Tanya  Carbray
Fiscal Manager

Email Tanya Carbray
Mary  Clark
Accounting Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 102
Email Mary Clark
Asucena  Colon
PD - Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 364
Email Asucena Colon
Jennifer  Colon
Intensive Program Coordinator

Email Jennifer Colon
Terry  Contant
Science Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 172
Email Terry Contant
Lisa   L Cooney
(860)434-4800  Ext:165
Email Lisa Cooney
Michelle  Cozzi
Technology Specialist
(860)434-4800 ext. 143
Email Michelle Cozzi
Mr. Jack  Cross
Director of Development
860-434-4800 ext. 194
Email Mr. Cross
Gary  Cymbala
(860)434-4800 ext. 173
Email Gary Cymbala
Lee  Czarnowski

Email Lee Czarnowski
Ellen   Dalton
Interim Director of Educator Professional Development Services
860-434-4800  Ext:344
Email Ellen Dalton
Lois  Davis
Developmental Educator
(860)434-4800 ext. 140
Email Lois Davis
Joanne  Demar
(860)434-4800 ext. 174
Email Joanne Demar
Clare   Dixon
Developmental Education
860-434-4800  Ext:195
Email Clare Dixon
Michele  Duthrie
Payroll Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 133
Email Michele Duthrie
Lois  Eldridge
Transition Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 182
Email Lois Eldridge
Matthew  Engelhardt
Marketing, Communications, and Advocacy Coordinator
860-434-4800 ext. 170
Email Matthew Engelhardt
Susan  Englund
PD - Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 339
Email Susan Englund
Ms. Kate  Ericson
Associate Executive Director
860-434-4800  Ext:345
Email Ms. Ericson
Roberta  Fauntleroy
Accounts Payable
(860)434-4800 ext. 146
Email Roberta Fauntleroy
Lisa  Finley
(860)434-4800 ext. 346
Email Lisa Finley
Mr. Jeff  Giliberto
Instructional Technology Coach
860-443-0461  Ext:485
Email Mr. Giliberto
Carole  Glenn
Manager of Early Childhood Programs
(860)434-4800 ext. 125
Email Carole Glenn
Pauline  Golden
Accounts Receivable Associate

Email Pauline Golden
Bridgette  Gordon-Hickey
Director of Special Education
(860)434-4800 ext. 128
Email Bridgette Gordon-Hickey
Kimberly  Grundy
860-434-4800  Ext:134
Email Kimberly Grundy
Lance  Hagen
Director of Information Technology
(860)434-4800 ext. 117
Email Lance Hagen
Cathy   Heath
Transportation Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 163
Email Cathy Heath
Ralph  Howard
Technology Specialist
(860)434-4800 ext. 107
Email Ralph Howard
Dr. Eileen  S. Howley
Executive Director
(860)434-4800 ext 132
Email Dr. Howley
Mike  Joyce
IT Specialist
860-434-4800  Ext:109
Email Mike Joyce
Jennifer  Kelly
Office Manager
Email Jennifer Kelly
Ann  Knowles
PD- Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 325
Email Ann Knowles
Amy  LeQuire
(860)434-4800 ext. 129
Email Amy LeQuire
Sam  Mandell
Family Resource Center @ Broad St. School Coordinator
Email Sam Mandell
Tina   Mannarino
Director YCF
860-434-4800  Ext:138
Email Tina Mannarino
Michael  Marchewka
Personnel Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 135
Email Michael Marchewka
Mary Ellen  Marchitto
Preschool Enhancement Program Manager
Email Mary Ellen Marchitto
Bruce  Martell
(860)434-4800 ext. 148
Email Bruce Martell
Nancy  Mercer
PD- Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 348
Email Nancy Mercer
Amy   Millbauer
Early Intervention Associate
(860)434-4800 ext. 105
Email Amy Millbauer
Sarah  Moon
Related Services Coordinator

Email Sarah Moon
Richard  Napoli
Director of Executive Services

Email Richard Napoli
Lynn  Nenni
Chief Financial Officer
860-434-4800 ext. 130
Email Lynn Nenni
Carolyn  Newman
Accounts Payable Clerk
(860)434-4800 ext. 192
Email Carolyn Newman
Erica  Page
Special Education Coordinator
Email Erica Page
Barbara  Poole
Fingerprinting Clerk
(860)434-4800 ext. 156
Email Barbara Poole
Melissa  Punzalan
Early Intervention Assistant
(860)434-4800 ext. 275
Email Melissa Punzalan
Tracey   Purcell
PD - Coordinator
860-434-4800 ext. 370
Email Tracey Purcell
Mariana  Reyes
Special Education Coordinator

Email Mariana Reyes
Yuny  Reyes
PD - Secretary
(860)434-4800 ext. 319
Email Yuny Reyes
Erica  Robb
Fiscal Manager
(860)434-4800  Ext:123
Email Erica Robb
Michelle  Robert
Payroll Manager
(860)434-4800 ext. 142
Email Michelle Robert
MaryAnne  Sabowski
PD - Secretary
(860)434-4800 ext. 355
Email MaryAnne Sabowski
Shannon  Shields
Developmental Educator
(860)434-4800 ext. 254
Email Shannon Shields
Bonnie  Silvestri
Digital Resources Coordinator
860-434-4800 ext. 177
Email Bonnie Silvestri
Dr. Wendy Jean  Sonstrom
Magnet Office

Email Dr. Sonstrom
Lockie   Startz
Billing Manager
(860)434-4800 ext. 139
Email Lockie Startz
Jennifer  Sullivan
Caregiver & Community Liaison
Email Jennifer Sullivan
Jenna   Tenore
860-434-4800  Ext:112
Email Jenna Tenore
Yvonne  Tobey
(860)434-4800 ext. 167
Email Yvonne Tobey
Michelle  Tomaszek
Email Michelle Tomaszek
Chris  Van Dusen
PD- Coordinator
(860)434-4800 ext. 347
Email Chris Van Dusen
Ed  Wilson
Technology Specialist
(860)434-4800 ext. 103
Email Ed Wilson
Allison  Witkovic
Developmental Education
860-434-4800  Ext:175
Email Allison Witkovic
Donna  Worst
(860)434-4800  Ext:191
Email Donna Worst

LEARN is committed to a policy of equal opportunity/affirmative action for all qualified persons. LEARN does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis of race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, disability (including, but not limited to, mental retardation, past or present history of mental disability, physical disability or learning disability), genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal nondiscrimination laws.